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February 14, 2020, Event

Alexander Klimburg

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At the recent G20 cybersecurity dialogue forum in Riyadh, the Global Commission on the Stability in Cyberspace joined a range of governmental and industry experts to discuss the current state of play within cyberspace and the prospect of greater international collaboration.

The multi-stakeholder forum aimed to gather views from thought leaders with the goal of fostering discussion on shared issues regarding information sharing best practices and support for the Digital Economy Task Force.

At an event panel titled Information Sharing: Cyber Resilience of Global Economic System, Dr. Alexander Klimburg, Director of the Global Commission on the Stability of Cyberspace, joined a panel of leading experts from the non-governmental and industry sectors in discussing areas of common interests and collective security. The dialogue focussed on issues concerning the potential of greater collaboration between government and industry leaders, and the prospects of collective security and resilience. Dr. Klimburg discussed best-practices and methods to incentivize information-sharing between member states at the multilateral level. He drew attention to the GCSC report findings, in particular how the GCSC Cyberstability Framework could help evaluate initiatives and how the Community of Interest model could help implement them.

The summit in Riyadh is the latest involvement by the Global Commission on the Stability in Cyberspace in helping inform G20 members on issues of information sharing and cyber resilience. The 2019 G20 summit in Japan included a keynote address and dialogue forum from GCSC Commissioners Virgilio Almeida and Motohiro Tsuchiya.

Following the G20 dialogue, Dr. Klimburg also participated in the Global Security Forum, a two-day event was organized by the Saudi National Cybersecurity Authority that seeks to bring together the wider policymaking field within cybersecurity. He highlighted common interests amongst members range, and the need to bring together disparate governmental and industry perspectives within the wider cybersecurity field in the panel ‘Walking Towards Tomorrow Together – Coordinating International Efforts to Create a Safer Cyberspace’.

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