The GCSC will participate in the Paris Peace Forum and IGF 2018

The Global Commission for the Stability of Cyberspace will be present during the Paris Peace Forum and the Internet Governance Forum 2018.

In addition to the many GCSC members speaking in separate events at the Internet Governance Forum, the GCSC will convene a panel at IGF on Monday 12th November (13:30 – 15:00, UNESCO Headquarters, Salle 12).

During this panel GCSC Commissioners will present the current work of the Commission on norms, in particular the launch of the Singapore Norm Package, and get feedback from the broader IGF community. Other events taking place at the IGF include a workshop on Proliferation, Cyber Stability and State Responsibility on Monday 12th November (09:00 – 10:30, UNESCO Headquarters, Salle 2)

The GCSC will also be presented as  a governance project at the Paris Peace Forum, taking place on the 11th – 13th November at La Grand Halle de La Villette. The Peace Forum is the first edition of an annual event to promote global governance solutions. The GCSC will be presenting their Norm Package, giving attendees the opportunity to engage with the Commission and be introduced to its work. GCSC Chair Marina Kaljurand will also be speaking on a panel during the event.

The Norm Package is the result of contributions and extensive consultations by GCSC Commissioners, advisory experts and the GCSC Research Advisory Group. It was finalized at the fourth full Commission meeting held in Singapore on September 19-20, which featured a public hearing to facilitate stakeholder engagement. The Norm Package builds on previous norms introduced by the GCSC, concerning the disruption of elections through cyber attacks on electoral infrastructure and the Call to Protect the Public Core of the Internet.The complete GCSC Norm Package can be found here.

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