Peace and Cyber Hygiene

Peace and Cyber Hygiene

November 21, 2019, Commission in the News

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The original article by Olaf Kolkman was published by the Internet Society on 12 November 2019

“Cyber hygiene – taking basic and common measures to secure software, devices, and networks – reduces the attack vectors that can be used by criminals and state actors alike. […] Supporters of the Paris Peace Call, which was launched at the Peace Forum last year, are committed to working together to, among other things, improve the security of digital products and services as well as everybody’s ‘cyber hygiene.’”

Troughout its work, the Global Commission on the Stability of Cyberspace explicitly talks about Cyber Hygiene. “It proposes two norms that are related: the Norm to Reduce and Mitigate Significant Vulnerabilities and the Norm on Basic Cyber Hygiene as Foundational Defense. […] The first norm calls upon the many actors that are involved in the day-to-day operation. The second calls upon on states’ role to provide the policy and legal environment to foster cyber hygiene.”

Olaf Kolkman believes that a large and distributed set of collaborative efforts will get us closer to making the Internet, and all that is connected, more secure.

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