GCSC Meeting in Lille at FIC2018

GCSC Meeting in Lille at FIC2018

January 13, 2018, Event

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The Global Commission on the Stability of Cyberspace (GCSC) will meet in Lille, France on January 25 after after the 10th International Cybersecurity Forum from 23-24 January. 

During this meeting, the Commissioners will set the agenda for its upcoming work in 2018 and review the received proposals from the Request for Proposals: Call for Research and confirm the research initiatives of the Commission on diverse topics including “Adaptations to Enhance the Stability of Cyberspace,” “beyond the UN GGE,” “Impact of Technological Developments”,  and “Defining Offensive Cyber Capabilities.”  Researchers are still able to send their proposals until 19 January 2018. 

Commissioners will take an active part as panelists and moderators throughout various sessions of the International Cybersecurity Forum. Commission Chair Marina Kaljurand and Co-Chair Michael Chertoff will be joined by Frédérick Douzet, Scott Charney, Jeff Moss, Olaf Kolkman and Anriette Esterhuysen to present and discuss the mission and work of the GCSC in a plenary panel “GCSC – Call to Protect the Public Core of the Internet.” Frédérick Douzet and Chris Painter will participate in a panel on the Balkanization of the Internet. GCSC Director Alexander Klimburg will participate in a workshop that asks whether hack back should  be authorized for private corporations, and, together with Commissioner Jeff Moss, discuss information warfare and hacking democracy in a masterclass.

This meeting will build on the results from the Commission’s previous meeting in New Delhi in November which culminated in the “Call to Protect the Public Core of the Internet.” This statement urges all stakeholders to avoid any activity that would “intentionally and substantially damage the general availability or integrity” of the infrastructure (such as Internet routing, the domain name system, certificates and trust, and communications cables) that the world depends on to make the Internet work every day.

Chaired by Marina Kaljurand, and Co-Chairs Michael Chertoff and Latha Reddy, the Commission comprises 26 prominent Commissioners representing a wide range of geographic regions as well as government, industry, technical and civil society stakeholders with legitimacy to speak on different aspects of cyberspace. The GCSC Secretariat is provided by The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies and supported by the EastWest Institute.

For a complete list of GCSC Commissioners click here.