GCSC Represented at CYBERSEC Krakow

GCSC Represented at CYBERSEC Krakow

October 9, 2018, Commission in the News

Marina Kaljurand, Christopher Painter, Wolfgang Kleinwächter, Sorin Ducaru, Sean Kanuck, Alexander Klimburg

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CYBERSEC, the European Cybersecurity Forum, took place in Krakow on the 8th and 9th October. GCSC Chair Marina Kaljurand gave a keynote speech in the morning of 8th October. The Commission was also represented during a panel discussion in the afternoon on International Peace and Security in Cyberspace, where GCSC Chair Marina Kaljurand was joined by GCSC Director Alexander Klimburg and Commissioners Christopher Painter and Wolfgang Kleinwächter.

CYBERSEC Krakow presented a valuable opportunity for the Commission to engage with other stakeholders in the cybersecurity community and discuss the content of previous GCSC proposals, such as the Call to Protect the Public Core of the Internet and the Call to Protect Electoral Infrastructure. It was also an opportunity to introduce upcoming initiatives and further norms agreed upon at the full Commission meeting in Singapore last month.

Alexander Klimburg participated in a Q&A session on Day 1, discussing his recent book. Sorin Ducaru, Special Advisor to the Commission, and Research Advisory Group Chair Sean Kanuck were also present at CYBERSEC and took part in various panels.

The closing panel discussion was entitled Attribution and Credible Response as Foundations of Cybersecurity. The discussions featured Alexander Klimburg and Christopher Painter as speakers.