Eight Norms for Stability in Cyberspace

Eight Norms for Stability in Cyberspace

December 5, 2019, Commissioner in the News

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This article by Joseph Nye was published by Project Syndicate on 4 December 2019

“In little more than a generation, the Internet has become a vital substrate for economic, social, and political interactions, and it has unlocked enormous gains. Along with greater interdependence, however, come vulnerability and conflict. Attacks by states and non-state actors have increased, threatening the stability of cyberspace.”

Joseph Nye writes about how a binding legal treaty would be premature as the next step. “Norms of expected behavior can provide a flexible middle ground between rigid treaties and taking no action at all.” This gap is addressed by the GCSC as their final report Advancing Cyberstability proposes eight norms to function as common points of reference in the evolving political discussions.

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