Research Advisory Group

The Research Advisory Group (RAG) fulfills a critical research and execution element of the Commission. It functions as the Commission’s academic backbone and links the GCSC to the wider research community. The RAG engages in scientific research to support the deliberations and publications of the Commissioners and, through its outreach and community engagement, also fulfills a crucial component of the advocacy mission of the Commission.

Members are able to respond to requests for proposals commissioned by the GCSC, as well as generate their own ideas for further enquiry. Select members will also be invited to provide testimony to the Commission at the Full Commission Meetings (twice per year).

The core interaction of the Research Advisory Group is founded on an email list ([email protected]) that consolidates the key subject areas the Commission focusses its work on. Further information on the content of the RAG list is explained below.

The list is moderated by the RAG Deputy Chairs. The moderators are responsible for communication in the list, including coordination of the research content and proposals that are circulated within the RAG List. The RAG Deputy Chairs are:

  • The Research Advisory Group is chaired by Mr. Sean Kanuck, who reports to the Commission and the Secretariat, and participates in all Commission meetings.
  • Ms. Liis Vihul, Deputy Chair of the RAG for Law
  • Ms. Marilia Maciel, Deputy Chair of the RAG for Internet Governance
  • Mr. Koichiro Komiyama, Deputy Chair of the RAG for Technical and Information Security

Interested in joining the Research Advisory Group? 

The Commission is currently looking to recruit researchers and experts to join the Research Advisory Group. Find out how to join here.

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